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Universal Code Server

Date posted: 18 Nov 2020

Our Universal Code Server v2 is now available.

Universal Code Server v2 is able to handle all products within a health supply chain. While the majority will be medicinal products, it will also list consumables and other products required for providing essential health services.

Universal Code Server v2 also has the ability to store the following properties for products:

  • Category – products can be categorised as either medicinal products, consumables or other products that are vital within your health supply chains
  • Route of Administration – such as oral, parenteral, etc
  • Dose Form – such as capsule, tablet, solutions, creams etc
  • Dose Qualification – a further description of the form for those special cases such as different release versions, chewable tablets etc
  • Strength and Unit of Presentation – using the standard measures in a consistent format
  • Immediate Packaging – particularly important when dealing with different presentations for the same products such as parenteral solutions available in syringes, ampoules, vials etc

We are in the process of updating the current list of products with all of these additional properties. But don’t worry – all of the previous universal codes will map to the same products as before! We have gone through a multiple-step review process to make sure that this is the case. We hope the only difference that you notice on the previous version for these products is more consistent and clearer descriptions.

The additional properties in Universal Code Server v2 are also available in the new version of mSupply. Simply link an item to a universal code, and the properties are saved to the item in mSupply. Too easy!

To check out some of the changes, you can browse the data using a simple web interface: https://codes.msupply.foundation/.

And like Universal Code Server v1, a REST API is available. This provides the same functionality as the original version. However, in the new version we have also added a GraphQL API to allow querying of all of the additional properties. You can find out more on the GitHub wiki page which explains how to use of the new API as well as some examples.

But this is not all! Along with the additional properties to describe products, Universal Code Server v2 also allows for the following fields to be added to each product:

  • RxCUI code: linking through to RxNav.
  • WHO Essential Medicines List (EML) categories
  • UNSPSC (which allows linking to the United Nations Standard Products and Services Code)
  • WHO ATC/DDD (which allows linking to the WHO Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification System with Defined Daily Doses)
  • NZULM code (which allows linking to the New Zealand Universal List of Medicines)
  • Drug interactions (sourced from RxNav)

That’s right – these will all be available from the Universal Code Server! We are putting the universal in the Universal Code Server.

So next steps? Make sure these fields are updated for the current product list accurately and completely. We have a team of staff working on this to ensure it happens asap. At the same time, we are working on refining the behind-the-scenes administration tools. And that is not the end, we will then work on making benchmark pricing available through the Universal Codes Server. Better never stops!