Vaccines, Immunisations and Cold Chain

Open mSupply – serving the immunization supply chain from forecasting to dispensing!

A complete immunisation supply chain solution

With Open mSupply you can manage your entire vaccine supply chain – from planning to procurement to stock handling and distribution to patient vaccinations.

You can view our current vision for the immunisation vertical in this graphic:

CCE Inventory management

Open mSupply includes a Cold Chain Equipment Inventory (CCEI) management module – providing visibility of exactly which CCE is in each health facility and their current functional status.

CCE maintenance

The scheduled preventative maintenance feature reduces the risk of crucial CCE malfunctioning – meaning less vaccines are lost to temperature exposure events.

Cold storage gap analysis

By combining stock inventory and CCE data Open mSupply provides a clear picture of cold storage availability at any given time.

Temperature monitoring

Open mSupply integrates with temperature monitoring sensors – temperature data is captured at the health facility and fed back to a centralised monitoring dashboard.

Any temperature breach events are also captured and prominent alerts are displayed to the user.

Open mSupply compatible hardware

Open mSupply integrates with a number of temperature monitoring solutions.

Look for the mSupply Compatible logo on certified compatible products. It assures you that you’re buying a reliable, WHO PQS prequalified product and also one that has been tested to work well with Open mSupply.

mSupply remote temperature sensor

We offer our own temperature monitoring hardware solution.
Bluetooth temperature sensors collect temperature data and synchronise the data to Open mSupply.
The sensors are WHO PQS approved (E006/073) and have been very successful in alerting users to temperature breaches in real time.
This method does not require a separate SIM card for each fridge / cool room – all data is routed via the main Open mSupply network.

Our open-source Android application mSupply Cold Chain can run as a standalone temperature monitoring solution or can integrate with Open mSupply for advanced functionality such as real-time instant message alerts and centralised dashboard monitoring.

Berlinger devices

Both Open mSupply and mSupply desktop are fully compatible with Berlinger Fridge-tags and Q-tags.

Plug the Fridge-tag or Q-tag into the USB port of your laptop or tablet and data is automatically downloaded into Open mSupply.

Data collected from these devices is available to local Open mSupply users, and also synchronises to our mSupply dashboard, where an overview of Cold Chain Equipment performance for your whole country can be available.

For more information about our product partnership, visit Berlinger devices & mSupply

For more detailed information about the product functionality, visit Open mSupply documentation