mSupply Ecosystem overview

There’s a lot more than just the main Open mSupply application to get your head around! It’s an integrated system from product registration, through to the patient.

mSupply’s Ecosystem has many components

Open mSupply

Our application for managing inventory in a store.

Click here for a detailed list of features or here for our public user documentation.

mSupply Cold Chain

Our open source Android application, mSupply Cold Chain, collects data from our Bluetooth temperature sensors.

mSupply Dashboard

Data visualisation that has access to all the data in mSupply. We use the open source Grafana Dashboard, but can also use Superset or Power BI (if you have a license).

Over the last 8 years we have built a large library of different dashboards that can be installed on your system with only minor tweaks.

mSupply Master Data Server
The mSupply master data server has two main functions:
  1. It manages master data such as item and facility lists.
  2. It collects data from every site when they synchronise. If there are orders, requisitions or shipments that involve another mSupply store, it handles sending the data to the right site.
    It usually lives in the cloud, but you can host in-country if your laws require that.
    This is the only part of the mSupply ecosystem that isn’t open source. We’re planning to work on the open source replacement in 2024/25.
Health Supply Hub

Our Health Supply Hub works with mSupply’s tender module to allow suppliers to upload their bids for tenders you’ve published. Suppliers get notified of new tenders (or RFPs), can ask questions of the customer, and view responses.


Conforma is our open source system for managing regulatory affairs – although it’s been built in such a flexible way that it can be used for managing almost any process that has applications and another party that reviews the application for correctness or completeness.

The combination of Open mSupply and Conforma (below) provides end to end management of medicines & health commodities regulation through supply chain to post market surveillance.

mSupply Notify

Hot out of the oven, mSupply Notify works with any of our apps to send users useful alerts. It works with Open mSupply, with Health Supply Hub and with Conforma!

The mSupply Notify documentation can be found here.