Features in detail

Open mSupply does a lot! Read on for a full feature list.


Did we mention sync? Did we mention multi-user? Did we mention fast?
We did!

If you want to dive into a feature, head over to our public documentation at https://docs.msupply.foundation

Receiving Goods
Issue goods
Location Management
Master Data
Temperature Monitoring
Place orders
Order Authorization
Cold Chain Equipment & Other Assets
Form Printing
Data visualization


Open mSupply works in French, English, Tetum & Spanish. Portuguese is coming soon.

The user interface supports Right-to-Left languages such as Arabic. Translation can be done by anyone via our translation server

Receiving Goods

From external suppliers
  • Enter a supplier’s invoice to receive goods, recording batch, expiry, location & pricing information.
From a supplying store using Open mSupply
  • See the status of your order as it is processed by your supplying store, along with the exact contents of the shipment they plan to send, including batch & expiry information.
  • Automatically receive goods- you don’t have to enter anything unless there is a discrepancy in what was physically supplied.

Issue goods

  • Process orders (requisitions) placed by a lower-level store
  • Create outbound shipments, print pick lists and invoices.
  • As you work on a shipment, the receiving store (facility) receives updates from .
  • Issuing is FEFO of course, and we have clever ways of automatically distributing your required quantity over the available stock.
  • Shipments have multiple statuses, so you can track the different stages that a shipment is at from initial entry, through allocation of stock, picking, and dispatch.

Location Management

  • Each Open mSupply site can manage its own inventory locations.
  • Location management integrates with our cold chain management to provide a unique overview of not just temperature breaches, but of what stock was affected by a breach at a particular location.
  • Locations can be put on hold, preventing stock at that location being issued. This is a very easy way to introduce a stock quarantine area, where stock is held for inspection before being released
  • Our public user guide on locations: in English , French


  • Stocktake all items or just items of a certain type or at a certain shelf location
  • Assign reasons for increases or decreases in stock.
  • Print stocktake sheets for manual counting
  • More info in English and French


  • GS1 of course! (Although we can support other barcode symbologies as needed)
  • Currently only for issuing goods, (but coming soon for receipts and stocktakes too)

Master Data

  • Open mSupply gets all product (item) & facility data from the mSupply master data server. That means that item lists are updated across your country when an item is changed, added or deleted.
  • The master data server allows unlimited properties and tags for items and facilities, making for an highly flexible system.
  • While we can integrate with a master data catalogue such as PCMT , we’d strongly recommend you consider using mSupply for your master data. We’ll be adding more and more features to master data management as our server is rewritten.
  • Master lists allow for different items to be visible at different levels of care, or for different programs.

Temperature Monitoring

  • Open mSupply supports several WHO PQS approved sensors, including Berlinger’s Fridge-tags and Q-tags, and our own Bluetooth sensors.
  • Read more on our cold chain page

Place Orders to Replenish Stock

  • Open mSupply allows you to use standard ordering formulae as mandated by most Ministries of Health to calculate order quantities for each item.
  • Graphical display of recent consumption and how your proposed order quantity will affect future stock levels.

Order Authorization

If orders from facilities need approval from a third party, Open mSupply has a whole web based authorization module. Authorizers get an email when there’s an order than needs approval. They log on to mSupply using their web browser, and can view, edit and then approve each order before it moves on to the supplying store for processing and shipment

Program Based Ordering

Programs allow you to assign a list of medicines to a particular program, and allows staff to handle, order and report on that program’s stock as a distinct group.

Each program can have its own ordering cycle length and dates, and parameters for how much to order, the criteria for emergency orders, and more.

Programs are configured on the mSupply master data server, allowing changes to propagate to all facilities in your country using Open mSupply in a matter of minutes.

Patient Treatment Modules

With the kind support of The Global Fund we have have developed a highly customisable way of managing sepcialist treament programs, such as HIV treatment. They are described in detail on this page

Dispensing to Patients.

mSupply OG handles thousands of dispensing events every day. We’re building this same level of sophistication into Open mSupply, but for now our dispensing module allows you to record issuing stock to a patient, and the directions for each medicine issued.
Label printing, abbreviations and more coming soon ;-)

Cold Chain Equipment / Asset Management

The March 2024 release of Open mSupply includes Asset management that can be used to manage any asset, but is specifically focused on Cold Chain equipment management.

More detail is available on this page

Form printing – Invoices, Pick Lists & more

Open mSupply has an easy to use system for creating custom printed invoices, pick lists and simple reports. You create these forms using HTML templates, allowing a wide range of developers and designers to easily work with the format and produce beautiful output.

The forms are added to the Open mSupply master data server and synchronize to all sites, so changes propagate across the country in a few minutes.

All forms can be saved as PDF as well as being printed.

Data visualization

We use the open source Grafana platform for data visualization.

More detail is available on this page

Notifications & Emailed Reports

Using our custom mSupply Notify application running on mSupply data warehouse, you can receive reports via email or SMS either when a specified event occurs, or on a regular schedule.

Read more about Notify here

The user guide for Notify has detailed instructions on use