Kia Ora!

Welcome to the home of The mSupply Foundation.

What we do

We aim to provide a home to nurture the very best in open source software for low and middle income countries.

Our current area of focus is world-class pharmaceutical supply chain software.

An overview of where we work can be seen on the mSupply site.

Some of our projects

mSupply Dashboard

An interactive web dashboard allowing you to drill down by geographic region or by item to gain immediate insights into stock availability.
Built on the excellent and open source grafana, the dashboard is integrated with mSupply and also has an API that can be used by a range of other software (DHIS2, OpenLMIS and others)
For help, head on over to the user documentation.

mSupply Mobile

A user friendly, offline-first mobile app for use with mSupply. Provides electronic inventory control for medical stock.
Further details and source code available on github.
Stuck? Lost? Try the on-line user guide.

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