Medicine Regulation is Flying in Fiji with Conforma

The Fiji Medicines Regulatory Authority (Fiji MRA) has just surpassed the milestone of provisionally approving 5,000 medicines for use in-country.

(Published on Mar 27, 2024)

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Open mSupply embarks on an expansion in Djibouti!

In March 2024 we had the pleasure of returning to Djibouti, some nine months after the end of the pilot phase deployments. This was an opportunity to reflect on the positive and negative aspects of the first phase, with a mind to scaling Open mSupply nationwide for all health commodities, including vaccines.

(Published on Mar 15, 2024)

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Conforma - The mSupply Foundation’s new open-source IRIMS has an interactive demo available

Conforma is being successfully used in Fiji, and with other projects in the pipeline, we are excited about the potential for one of our latest open-source software to support lower- and middle-income countries with their regulatory and workflow management.

(Published on Dec 15, 2023)

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The mSupply Foundation Makes Waves in the Cook Islands

Join us as we recount the exciting progress made in the Cook Islands with mSupply last month! The team at mSupply have been busy implementing new features and enhancing warehouse usability in Rarotonga.

(Published on Aug 25, 2023)

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Recognising the skills of mSupply users worldwide: Introducing the mSupply International Accreditation System

DTAC has officially launched the mSupply International Accreditation System, a multi-level online course for mastering the skills of mSupply…

(Published on Sep 22, 2021)

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Introducing DTAC: Strengthening Health Supply Chains in the Indo-Pacific Region

The mSupply Foundation (TMF) is excited to announce the launch of the Indo-Pacific Health & Supply Chain Data & Technical Assistance Centre…

(Published on Jun 16, 2020)

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