mSupply Accreditation

mSupply Accreditation System - Super User

Super User Competencies

SU1.1 Desktop and Mobile competency
SU1.1.1 Achieve highest level of user accreditation in mSupply Desktop
SU1.1.2 Achieve highest level of user accreditation in mSupply Mobile

SU1.2 Deployment
SU1.2.1 Lead deployment at 20 or more sites (at least 50% of which must be Desktop sites)
SU1.2.2 Set up a new Android tablet device (basic setup)
SU1.2.3 Install mSupply Mobile app on Android tablet, initialise store and limit sync date range
SU1.2.4 Set up a new computer and install Windows (basic setup)
SU1.2.5 Set up an internet connection: stand-alone modem, WIFI router, mobile dongle, and hot-spot internet connection (basic setup)
SU1.2.6 Connect device to modem, WIFI and mobile data
SU1.2.7 Install mSupply on desktop and open data file
SU1.2.8 Liaise with mSupply Support to register store and sync site
SU1.2.9 Set backup
SU1.2.10 Manually check for updates
SU1.2.11 Log analysis

SU1.3 Troubleshooting
SU1.3.1 Troubleshoot basic hardware issues
SU1.3.2 Troubleshoot basic internet connectivity issues
SU1.3.3 Resolve common problem end-user scenarios (examination will cover content from all levels)

SU1.4 Training
SU1.4.1 Conduct 2 group training sessions (for Desktop & Mobile users) under supervision of accredited trainer(s)

SU1.5 Language
SU1.5.1 Fluency in an mSupply language – English, French, Spanish – either a native speaker or hold an internationally recognised language certification at level C1 (proficient) equivalent or above

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