mSupply Accreditation

mSupply Accreditation System - System Administrator

System Administrator Competencies


A1.1 Computer basics
A1.1.1 Set up a new computer and install Windows
A1.1.2 Computer hardware troubleshooting

A1.2 Internet basics
A1.2.1 Set up an internet connection: stand-alone modem, WIFI router, mobile dongle, and hot-spot internet connection
A1.2.2 Connect device to modem, WIFI and mobile data
A1.2.3 Internet connectivity troubleshooting

A1.3 Basic installation and troubleshooting
A1.3.1 Install mSupply on desktop and open data file
A1.3.2 Liaise with mSupply Support to register store and sync site
A1.3.3 Set backup
A1.3.4 Manually check for updates
A1.3.5 Log analysis
A1.3.6 Synchronise preferences
A1.3.7 Web browser access via TS Plus
A1.3.8 Licence management
A1.3.9 Help menu
A1.3.10 Diagnostics – pack size integrity, store integrity, purchase order integrity, miscellaneous checks, ledger problems
A1.3.11 Importing and exporting data
A1.3.12 Label printer hardware setup
A1.3.13 Barcode scanner hardware setup
A1.3.14 Server administration
A1.3.15 Server troubleshooting

A1.4 mSupply Mobile
A1.4.1 Set up a new Android tablet device
A1.4.2 Android tablet device troubleshooting
A1.4.3 Install mSupply Mobile app on Android tablet, initialise store and limit sync date range
A1.4.4 Mobile settings

A1.5 Configuration
A1.5.1 Custom reports configuration
A1.5.2 Dashboard configuration
A1.5.3 Supplier Hub configuration


A2.1 mSupply Desktop
A2.1.1 Client/server installation
A2.1.2 Add new Desktop store: set visibility, preferences and sync
A2.1.3 Create new data file and understand the role of a customisation code
A2.1.4 Data tables and fields

A2.2 mSupply Mobile
A2.2.1 Server setup for Mobile
A2.2.2 Add new Mobile store: set visibility, preferences and sync

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