Using DHIS2 for stock management

DHIS2 for stock management?

We are working closely with the DHIS2 logistics team to ensure that countries using DHIS2 for stock management at service delivery points get the best experience possible.
Of course, a country has the choice of using either Open mSupply or DHIS2 for these facilities. In some situations, DHIS2 will be the right choice, and we hope that in some situations Open mSupply will be more appropriate.

Our summary of the choices is:

Use DHIS2 if all of the following apply
  • Already using DHIS2 tracker at the facility
  • The facility doesn’t need features such as FEFO or batch/expiry tracking
  • The facility is low-volume (up to 30 transactions per day) and can be run from a single phone/tablet (not multi-user)
Use Open mSupply if the facility:
  • Dispenses to patients
  • Is likely to grow in the future to need multi-user access.
  • Needs per-program inventory control
  • Needs FEFO and batch/expiry tracking
  • Needs printed reports
  • Should be part of an integrated supply chain system with real time visibility and management via central dashboards

The table below outlines important differences between Open mSupply and DHIS2 for stock management. Please feel free to contact us.

Functionality Comparison

DHIS2 RTS Open mSupply
Overall Model
Devices Operations: Android phone or tablet Operations: Android tablet, web, Windows, Mac, Linux
Reporting: Web Dashboards Reporting: Web dashboards \\n Send to DHIS2 \n Local Reports
Multiple users in a store ✅ 
Multiple stores in a facility
User permissions
Master Data Management
Item/Product management
Facility management
Ordering stock
Pull model
Push model ✅ 
(relies on ELMIS such as mSupply to push the stock)
Emergency Order
Incoming stock
Receiving stock from suppliers Only via stock correction
Real time updates as supplying store fulfills order
Receive from external suppliers other than usual supplying store
Way of viewing incoming consignments
Edit incoming consignments to receive correct stock
Issuing stock
Dispensing to patients
Stock management
Batch management
Expiry management
Donor Management 🔜
Manufacturer Management 🔜
Can handle large data sets Not yet tested
Manage stock by program
Reports & Forms
On device: 
Stock on hand
Printed pick lists, invoices, shipping docs
audit trail
Dashboard reports
Stockout report