mSupply Notify

If something important happens, you should be told about it, rather than having to run a report to find out…

mSupply Notify is an application that works with Open mSupply, Conforma & the Health Supply Hub to send users notifications about important events.

Notifications can currently be either an email or a Telegram message.
We’ll be adding other ways of receiving a notification in due course.

A notification can tell you almost anything!
  • how many medicines you have available- either a number, a percentage, or a list of ones out of stock
  • when a temperature sensor has gone out of acceptable range for a specified amount of time (a “temperature breach”)
  • who hasn’t logged in this week.
  • the value of stock on order
  • how many prescriptions were dispensed each day for the last month

Settting up a notification has lots of options:

You can get notifications when a certain threshold has been breached (e.g. for temperature monitoring), or on a regular daily/weekly/monthly schedule.

So many possibilities!