Recognising the skills of mSupply users worldwide: Introducing the mSupply International Accreditation System

DTAC has officially launched the mSupply International Accreditation System, a multi-level
online course for mastering the skills of mSupply.

Since the course opened a fortnight ago, almost 300 users from 50 countries around the
world have signed up to strengthen their supply chain management skills.

Ten mSupply champions from Myanmar, Nigeria, Samoa, Sierra Leone and Timor-Leste have already passed the accreditation examinations for the first three levels of the mSupply Desktop course.

This means they have mastered specific mSupply competencies related to ordering and receiving stock, processing requisitions from customers, and key inventory management
tasks including stocktakes.

From three different continents, these individuals can be confident their skills in these areas
are comparable to their international colleagues.

More than 80% of users have also elected to be listed on a public register of accredited
mSupply users. The public register will allow anyone to search for a user who meets certain

For example, if a Pacific Island country determines it needs mSupply refresher training in
procurement tasks, they could use the public register to find someone in the Indo-Pacific
region who is accredited at Level 4 or above, and engage them to run the training.

We see this as an important opportunity to support regional peer-to-peer collaboration that
acknowledges local expertise. We hope this will also create career opportunities for our
colleagues in low- to middle-income countries in a standardised and equitable manner.

The public register is currently in production and will be available soon.

For any questions or feedback about the mSupply International Accreditation System,
please email More levels are currently being produced and will
be released progressively throughout the year.