mSupply Accreditation System

Find an accredited mSupply user in your region by searching the mSupply Accreditation Public Register.

The mSupply Accreditation System is a multi-level course for mastering the skills of mSupply. Accredited individuals can elect to be listed on a public register of mSupply users and system administrators who meet specific internationally recognised competencies. Access to the course is free for users from low-to-middle income countries.

The aim of this course is to:

1. Provide a structured learning pathway for mastering the skills of mSupply.
2. Formally recognise the skills of health and IT professionals using mSupply worldwide.
3. Support career development in a transparent and equitable manner, allowing suitably qualified persons from any country to gain employment in relevant local and international assignments.

The competencies for each stream are defined below.


mSupply Mobile User

mSupply Desktop User

mSupply Super User

System Administrators

mSupply System Administrator

mSupply Super Administrator