Open mSupply is possibly the most interoperable LMIS system in existence.

Interoperability with other systems

Open mSupply is interoperable with a wide range of other systems, via four main areas: integrations with other systems, our data lake, our public API, and via plug-ins.

Integrations with other systems

We integrate with the following systems:


DHIS2 is the gold standard for collecting and reporting on periodic health information. We can push a wide range of data to DHIS2, and setting up this integration in a new country is only a matter of matching Organisational Unit IDs

SAGE accounting

SAGE accounting is widely used in Africa. We have a custom application that translates data between Open mSupply’s (very modern) API and SAGE’s (ancient COM) API.

HL7 FHIR compliant EMR systems such as Tamanu

We support HL7 FHIR messages for retrieving patient records from electronic medical record systems.

Bespoke integrations

We integrate with custom systems as needed.

Via our Data lake

Our data lake is stored as a Postgres database – we have connectors for Grafana, Superset, PowerBI, and custom integrations with Google sheets.

Any system that can read Postgres databases can connect (once granted the appropriate permissions).

Via our Public API

Open mSupply has a publicly documented API that other systems can use.
You can view the API using our GraphQL inspector here.

Via Plug-ins

Open mSupply is built with a plug-in system. This allows adding both features and interoperability with other systems.

For example, we are building a plug-in to integrate with Pendulum’s quantification AI system in Côte d’Ivoire.