mSupply Accreditation System

The mSupply Accreditation System is a multi-level course for mastering the skills of mSupply. Accredited individuals can elect to be listed on a public register of mSupply users and system administrators who meet specific internationally recognised competencies. Access to the course is free for users from low-to-middle income countries.

Universal Codes Server

The Universal Codes Server is a system for linking country-specific codes for medicines and consumables in mSupply to a set of standard ‘universal’ codes. Once linked, countries will have access to an item’s clinical category, drug interactions and reference pricing for procurement activities. This important data is sourced from other international coding systems and references including the WHO Model Essential Medicines List, NZULM, RxNav and UNSPC, and will allow for regional reporting and cross-country supply chain activities to occur.

Supplier Hub

The Supplier Hub will be a central, digital space for countries to liaise with pharmaceutical suppliers for procurement-related activities. It will sync with the Tender Module in mSupply for seamless management of tenders, and will include a price-sharing tool displaying the PHARMAC-subsidised price for each item as a regional benchmark. This will help flag when countries are paying excessive prices for items and aim to reduce those occurrences. The Supplier Hub is currently in development.

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