About us

There is no denying it – we love software! It’s a combination of art and science, and provides a great outlet to express the gift of creativity we were given.

Mountain range

More than supply chain software

However, we also want to make products that make a difference in our world. We get much more excited by products that help provide better healthcare or information than we do about products that just make more money for a company.

We’re only interested in solutions that really benefit our clients and communities. That won’t happen unless the people, the motivation, and basic infrastructure are in place alongside the software. Our ethos means we are honest about these things, and will not proceed with projects that are unlikely to succeed, even if they are likely to be profitable.

We believe relationships have priority over production. We value our staff, clients, suppliers, even government officials, as people rather than just what they can do for us. We care a lot about honesty and integrity in all that we do.