open mSupply

An open source version of the popular mSupply – providing pharmaceutical supply chain management and dispensing, all the way from national warehouses to remote clinics, on servers, laptops and mobile. Used in over 30 countries and for over 20 years and now becoming an open source project, rebuilt from the ground up.

The code is separated into two main areas, the client and server:


Built on React – a responsive, multi-lingual, web based client, also packaged as both a desktop and android app.


Built to be fast and reliable using Rust and supporting either PostgreSQL or SQLite databases.


Your guide to the functionality available and a helpful reference when browsing around is the open mSupply User Guide


To try out open mSupply for yourself – there are several pre-built windows versions for you to try along with the android app
  • omSupply Server Requires a suitable mSupply server to synchronise with. Once you have the omSupply server running you can use the web version, or install the desktop version below
  • omSupply Desktop Requires the omSupply server to be running on the same network
  • omSupply Server Demo A preconfigured demo version! Includes a demo database so that you can get started straight away!
  • omSupply Mobile The android app – requires an mSupply server to synchronise with